Medic Bleep is a secure and real-time communication solution.

It enables doctors, nurses and the wider team to communicate and collaborate within and across healthcare organisations.

The increased efficiency in communication accelerates productivity, improves patient outcomes and reduces costs.

How much time could your trust save with Medic Bleep?

Our calculator estimates how much time you could save in terms of full time equivalent doctors and nurses each year. This calculation is based on peer-reviewed evidence of Medic Bleep’s use at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, which found that on average nurses can save 21 minutes per shift and doctors can save 48 minutes per shift.

Savings FTE* / Year

Patients Served: 657843567

*Full-time Equivalent


Savings FTE / Year


Savings FTE / Year
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Time and Motion Study

Published in:

Time–motion analysis examining of the impact of Medic Bleep, an instant messaging platform, versus the traditional pager...Read More

ERDF Funding

Medic Creations received ERDF funding in 2021-22 through the Welsh Government’s Smart Cymru scheme for the research and development of a clinical mobile task management solution.

The communication solution for healthcare organisations

Improve service quality and efficiency of your Trust’s operations
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Provide a secure and compliant solution for your organisation
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Doctors, nurses and wider team
Get fast answers with no phone tag and stay connected to the entire team
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Across healthcare organisations
Facilitate better planning and delivery of integrated care across organisations
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Why Medic Bleep


Compliant with GDPR and NHS IG standards.

Proven efficiency saving

Documented workflow communication improvement, saving doctors 48 mins/shift and nurses 21 mins/shift.

EHR integration & IT friendly

We support EHR integration, solution integration and implementation. Our console also gives admins control over users, data and reporting.

What thought leaders are saying

  • This communication tool will save clinicians time and enable decisions on patient treatment and care to be made more quickly, so that ultimately, patients have the best outcomes possible.
    Dr Graham Shortland
    Medical Director
    Cardiff & Vale UHB
  • What I particularly love about Medic Bleep is that it was an idea from staff at the point of care who came up with a new solution to an old problem and delivered it! This solution makes the communication between nurses and the wider team smoother and more efficient.
    Anne Cooper
    Chief Nurse
    NHS Digital
  • No more bleeps: all communications, handovers, team updates and meetings in one place. Amazing!
    Dr Vinay Eligar
    Consultant Endocrinologist
    Cardiff & Vale UHB

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West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust Case Study

The Trust commissioned Medic Bleep to pilot the app as a replacement to the non-cardiac pager, June - September 2017. The pilot was a success, demonstrating an improvement in efficiency of communication.
View AHSN Network case study
ICO Reference Number: ZA234286
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